we interrupt this interruption ...

to bring you details on the interruption, for the few of you who may still be checking here on occasion.

I've been absent due to a whole whack of insanity coming down the line at once. Summer has ended, the garden is covered in a blanket of frost every morning, a Conservative government is still in power (okay, I guess some things don't change, they just remain maddeningly real...), and I got a new job and am moving back to my home town.

Yes yes, y'all, I'll be out of here soon.

But where I'm moving back to, there are plenty of people for me to cook and bake for, so I imagine I will make a, if not triumphant, at least prolific, return to these interwebby parts once I'm moved and de-boxed and settled.

But a post without photos? So I leave you for the moment with some of the things I'm missing already from the summer ...

crunchy, sweet baby carrots (some with extra limbs) from the garden

yellow pear and brandywine tomatoes, fresh off the vine

freshly picked raspberries for breakfast

mountains of zucchini

sunny picnics in the park

And the two things I will soon miss the most : the fabulous, inimitable, irreplaceable J&B.

S'long for now.


JohnP said...

Travel well and safely!

- L said...

thank you, John.

Usha said...

Have a safe trip...